9 Programming Communities for Women Developers

9 Programming Communities for Women Developers

When you talk about female web developers, it is surprising to note that only 16% percent of web developers are women. In fact, in the last 20 years, the number of women opting for a major in Computer Science has dropped dramatically.

In this bleak scenario, let’s be hopeful and take a look at  some programming communities that are motivating women to take the lead in the arena of web development.

Be The Cuck – Alpha Males

Be The Cuck
Be The Cuck

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Update! Fake Hostel

This project isn’t really a resource or community but more of a project built exclusively for women that are interested in programming and web-programming. Take a look, it’s going to be launched this December!

Girls Who Code

This program is designed to inspire women to work as web developers by equipping them with the necessary knowledge to pursue a successful career in the coming times. With a goal to make more than 1 million women proficient in Computer Science, this is a great community.

Django Girls

This is a not-for-profit organization that aims to congregate female developers by organizing events, workshops and talks. With the support of the members of the Django Girls community, one can easily learn Python.


With the aim to help women work together through a mentorship program, the Glassbreakers community is a wonderful online community for the  female tech professionals.

Girls Develop It

The aim of this not for profit venture is to make the environment for female developers safe and enjoyable. The cost efficient program is aimed at all women who want to work in technology.

Rails Girls

This community is quite similar to the Django Girls owing to the fact that it caters to female professionals. The Rails Girls help women get into coding through the sharing of knowledge. Its programs specifically cater to the Ruby language through the Ruby on Rails framework.

Girls in Tech

This not for profit organization focuses on the promotion and growth of the female web developers by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a not for profit venture that aims to motivate women and helps them build successful careers in the technology field. The primary goal is to provide a platform where like minded woman can collaborate and build a better future for themselves.

Women Techmakers

A global project backed by Google, the Women Techmakers is a global project that provides women developers with resources and a safe environment to fulfill their aspirations to become successful technology experts.

Women Who Startup

Last but not the least, we arrive at the Women Who Startup. This flourishing community focuses on the areas that make women great leaders in the tech industry.

If you are a woman coder or web developer who wants to stay motivated and make a successful career, the above mentioned communities will prove to be very helpful to you.