Is it possible for me to be a good web developer as a lady?

If there is any job out there that a woman can compete favorably with a man in, it is web development. Any woman can learn to develop a web site once they have some level of interest and are willing to work hard. There are a lot of ladies that are currently web developers and they make within a year, more than what some of their male colleagues are making in 10 years. The answer is Yes. It is possible to be a good web developer as a lady.

Where do I start if I am interested in been a female web development freelancer?

The most important thing you need to do is to learn how to develop websites. You might want to learn to develop websites on your own or by attending a school. Irrespective of the way you choose to learn, make sure you learn properly. Once you have a good knowledge in web development, getting jobs will not be a problem. If you don’t get adequate knowledge, you are going to mess up jobs, which might result in not getting paid. It will also result to a negative reputation that will significantly reduce your ability to get other jobs.

Which is better for me to learn as a female web developer, using WYSIWYG editors or learning to program?

There are a lot of easy to use and effective WYSIWYG editors that are currently been used by web developers. It is possible to use them to develop professional looking websites as well. It is recommended that you learn the WYSIWYG editors first, and then you proceed to learning how to program web sites. This is because, using WYSIWYG editors will always have limitations, even though they are few, and you might not face such limitation for a very long time, or there might be a way around it. Knowing to program HTML and other important web development languages is very important. There are also client that might insist that you know how to program before they give you their job. Learn how to use WYSIWYG editors first, after which, you should learn to program. Web development is a career that you never stop learning.

Which programming languages should I learn to become a professional web designer?

The most important language for website design is HTML (HyperText Markup Language). You should learn this first. After which, you will have to learn other important languages including a server-side scripting language. The other languages you should learn include CSS (for formatting), Javascript(for simple animations and other important functions) as well as PHP and/or ASP for server-side scripting (connecting to a database). There are many other web development options. As you get better with web programming, you will know which other ones you want to learn, based on demand.

How much should I charge my clients?

There are different types of website and the price you will charge your client will depend on the number of web pages and the type of website they want. A website of 5 pages that is not connecting to a database will be much cheaper than a website of 100 pages, with a lot of database connections and other features.