Girl Geek Academy Is Teaching Women How To Code?

Girl Geek Academy Is Teaching Women How To Code?

Some skills are very vital in this digital age and therefore a must-have for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the pack. One of these vital skills is coding and just like reading and writing where the world is heading it will be an obvious skill for one to have and before you weigh on other career options. Due to some factors like gender bias, male figures have dominated STEM careers and to counter this requires a bit of innovation. Therefore, any effort to have more girls starting to appreciate technology would be a welcome idea, and that’s what Girls Geek Academy is doing.

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A Global Movement

Girls Geek Academy has its homage in Australia but now has spread wings to the US, they aim at boosting the girl’s confidence at an early age when it comes to the use of technology. They have come up with various programs to help this becomes a reality. At least in order for it to easily tick with the girls, they have made technology learning chic and sociable- just like girls love it. Though face to face learning is currently happening in the US and Australia only, they have labeled this program as a global movement for girls and therefore there’s more happening to incorporate young girls from all over the world.

What To Expect?

The Girls Geek Academy was started by five women professionals in the area of technology and who were keen to see the number of women rising in STEM careers. Learners are taught various technology and IT skills which includes coding, game development, web design, 3D printing and wearable’s, hackathons, entrepreneurship and how to run a successful startup.


One of their most successful programs is #MissMakesCode, which starts training girls from a young age, as little as five. That is a very crucial age for a child whose brain is still developing and once such skills are impacted they form part of life and from there can handle STEM and solve problems more easily. There’s also #MissMakesCode teachers training program. This was started after realizing that majority of teachers are women and who are young girls’ first role models. If primary school teachers are equipped with the necessary technical skills, they will, in turn, have the confidence to encourage more girls to take up the STEM and also becomes easy to transfer these vital skills to the young girls.

Scaling The Technology

Scaling the technology is what Girls Geek Academy want to live for, and the most effective way to achieve this is to use the available assets which are teachers. And that’s the reason for having teachers on board. Teachers can now signup for this program on the academy’s website.


Other learning methods involve holding of workshops where various girls’ schools come together, and students teamed up in a kind of learning that is more fun and sociable. It remains the students high in spirit and looking forward to another such learning experience.

With such innovations, it’s no doubt tables will turn and there’s a likelihood of girls overtaking boys when it comes to STEM careers, but whatever the case, Girls Geek Academy is doing a very remarkable thing.