Here You Have It… I’m The PrincessCum!

Here You Have It… I’m The PrincessCum!

For some ladies, sex means nothing if there are not dominated with a massive cock. Creampie Tales brings to us that type of women. They are women who are aggressive enough to select men who will satisfy their sexual fantasies no matter what it takes. They never waste time with men when it comes to sex, they are always straight to the point and they always let him know what is expected of him from the word go. They know for the man to be in the right mood, he has to be aroused and they have all the tricks of achieving that.

Here is an example…

While Johnny Castle was sleeping, Hope Harper had other ideas. She sneaked into his room with her mission clear on her mind. To begin with, she is a friend to her sister but that did not prevent her from giving John a nice blowjob enough to convince him otherwise. John soon started to guide her head towards her cock as he enjoyed every deep throat she offered along his dick.

At that point the stage was already set and she did not waste any time to climb on top of him and went ahead to rub her slit along his cock. She did it severally without allowing him penetration. Johnny who has a clear view of her boobs grabs them firmly and keeps on pressing them. When she can’t work him any longer, she raises her hips and allows his firm dick into her little pussy.

The wild girl never stopped there, she positioned herself so that Johnny can plant his dick inside her ass. She stays at the top so that she can set the pace and with her, you don’t expect anything gentle or slow. She again allows his dick into her pussy and rides him from the reverse side. At the end what she had be waiting for arrives – Johnny to cum deeply into her.

The bottom line

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