5 Advantages of been a female web developer

5 Advantages of been a female web developer

It is often believed that web development is a man’s world. On the contrary, there are some women that have found their way into web development and they are doing seriously well. This is because women can easily get trained and learn to develop web sites just as men. There are also aspects of web design where a man might require substantial training, which a woman will not. In these areas, women have advantages over men. 5 areas where female have an advantage in web development are discussed below.

Working with colors

For a website to be visually appealing, clear and have texts that are easy to read, using the right colors is very important. Working with colors comes naturally to women, compared to men. Women are able to work with greater range of color compared to men and are therefore able to create unique and lovely color schemes. While men are only wired to be able to observe only about 16 colors, a woman on the other hand, can observe over 256 colors. To most men, peach is the name of a fruit while wine is the name of a drink, for most women, these are 2 very important colors. A woman will further break the green color into light green, lemon green, army green, dark green and different other varieties of green, a man will at best tell you light green, normal green and dark green.

Attention to details

Women are generally believed to pay more attention to details compared to men. Website design is a very tasking job that requires that you are aware of every detail you are working with. Failure to do this could result to errors that could be devastating, even though they looked small. A woman will normally find it easier to spot little errors and correct them, compared to men.

Content Development

Considering the fact that content is a very important part of web development and clients could ask web developers to develop content for them, it is vital for a web developer to have a good idea about content. Even if he decides to outsource them, he should know what he wants and be able to ensure he uploads only high quality content. Men are more used to going straight to the point as opposed to women who give more details and are often reputed to talk way too much. Women will generally find it easier developing content and writing articles for a website, compared to men.

Graphic design

Due to the ability of women to work with colors and pay attention to details, they will find it easier designing graphics when compared to a man that has the same knowledge of the graphic software. Graphic design is important to web site development, due to the need to design the different pages and elements in the page.


One of the major things that discourage a lot of women from web design is programming. Programming is dominated by men not because they are necessarily better, but because more women are not involved. It is worthy of note that the first ever programmer was a female (Ada Lovelace), who worked with Charles Babbage. Their attention to details will also make it easier for them to identify programming errors and fix them.

Overall, women have a lot of advantages that will help them to become better web designers if they start at the same time and put in the same effort as a man. They however need to make efforts and start.