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LEVEL 1: Ara (Altar)
2: Neoma (New moon)
3: Byrnie (Strong)


LEVEL 1: Acantha (Thorn)
2: Pyralis (Fire)
3: Algoma (Valley of Flowers)


LEVEL 1: Efrata (Distinguished)
2: Aislinn (Vision)
3: Cleatha (Glory)


Wraeththu hara progress through a three-tier caste sysem. Each tier consists of three levels. Natural born hara have no caste until they reach sexual maturity, when they are initiated into Kaimana. The majority of them rarely progress further than Level Two Ulani: Pyralis. Wraeththu of Kaimana and Ulani caste are always known by their levels, i.e. someone of Acantha level would be known as Acanthalid; of Pyralis, Pyralist. Once Nahir-Nuri has been achieved, however, the caste divisions (mostly incomprehensible to those of lower caste) are no longer used as a title of address. Wraeththu of that caste are simply called Nahir-Nuri.


Training in spiritual advancement must be undertaken to achieve a higher level. Occult rituals concentrate the mind and realise progression. Progression is attained by the discovery of self-knowledge and with that knowledge utilizing the inborn powers of the Wraeththu.
NOTE: Currently the Wraeththu Companion is current only as of the original three Wraeththu books (Enchantments, Bewitchments, and Fulfilments). The Companion does not encompass anything is the new Wraeththu History series (Wraiths and two additional books), nor does it include changes made to the original books by Storm as she re-edited them for reprint by Immanion Press, with new content and appendices, and nor does it include material being developed for a Wraeththu RPG game. It is hoped that the Companion will expand over time to include these.

All original artwork remains the property of the artist, Ruby. No image may be taken or reproduced without permission.

The names and likenesses of the Wraeththu characters are used with permission of Storm Constantine, the recognized creator and author of the Wraeththu Chronicles (The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate and The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire) and the Wraeththu Histories (The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, The Shades of Time and Memory, and The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence.)

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